Golf Lag Swing Trainer

Golf Lag Swing Trainer

You want more distance? More speed? Our Golf Swing Lag Trainer is the best thing to take your game to the next level.

Speed is something that every golfer looks to improve. Creating efficient speed is what separates good players from great players.

Take a look at Rory Mcilroy. He’s 5’9”, weighs 165 pounds, but is the greatest driver of the golf ball we have ever seen in the game. He is able to create an enormous amount of speed using his golf swing not by swinging hard, but using angles to swing fast. The angle we are talking about is lag.

Lag is created when the player starts the downswing with their lower body, and leaves the club head above their hands. This move allows the player to store the energy in the club, and release it at the bottom.

The problem is, creating lag is difficult.

  • Many golfers who try too hard to create lag in their swing, do it by swinging too fast. This results in terrible tempo.
  • Timing and Being in Sync. When a golfer swings too hard to create lag, it’s impossible to get the arms timed up with the body. This creates a situation where the player can’t rotate correctly, resulting in terrible shots.
  • ​Some players have the wrong idea of lag. They think it’s produced entirely with your arms. This leads to coming over the top and slicing the ball.

Although it seems complicated, creating lag in your golf swing has just gotten easier. The Brand New LagShot training aid will allow you to fully feel what it is like to create and store lag throughout your golf swing.

The LagShot training aid features many components that make it one of the most efficient and consistent training aids on the market.

  • The beautiful blue, “whippy” shaft, allows the player to feel what proper lag is. It keeps the club head above your hands as you start your downswing, automatically and mindlessly creating enormous amounts of lag.
  • ​The high-quality grip makes the user feel as though they are swinging a top brand club, compared to other training aids where it feels as though you’re swinging a cheap product.
  • The beautiful jet-black club head is what truly separates the LagShot from other training aids on the market. It looks like this club just came from the Titleist factory, making it easy to carry in your bag care-free. No more being judged for ugly, out-of-place training aids.

Our Golf Swing Lag Trainer is brand new, but has already been called one of the best training aids on the market. Don’t believe me? Check out all these golfers who already have their hands on the club…

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