CBD can help our bodies recover and allow a golfer to play round after round, day after day.

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    SHIFT TRAINING offers expert knowledge and understanding of the human bio-mechanics, custom…

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    Many golfers do not realize the important role that nutrition plays in performance. Poor nutrition…

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Phillip Musial Founder of SHIFT GOLF PERFORMANCE

SHIFTGOLF.com is dedicated to the health, well-being and performance of golfers worldwide. I truly believe that by enhancing one’s physical abilities and areas of focus including swing training, flexibility, stamina, stability, confident mindset and nutrition, we can change the outcome of the golf swing for each individual.  Powerful golf performance starts with incorporating the #1 swing trainer in golf today, LAGSHOT. My goal is to provide the best proven products for golfers of all ages to optimize the functioning of their mind, body & nutrition and how it can be translated to the golf course and everyday life.

On the other side of things... JUST SHIFT GOLF PERFORMANCE offers the most advanced and comprehensive personalized fitness programs for junior & senior golfers available today. After your initial screening, the final step before we begin will be to custom design a program that will advance your physical, mental & nutritional abilities to play better golf and enjoy the game of life.

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