Shift Training Specializes In Helping Golfers, Just Like You, Improve Your Game And Shoot Lower Scores.

Shift Training Specializes In Helping Golfers, Just Like You, Improve Your Game And Shoot Lower Scores.

Here’s Today’s Tip… Align your mind. Practice the 3 P’s

Often times golfers step onto the tee box thinking about where they DON’T want their ball to go. Your mind is the most important thing in your “bag”. So, if you think, “don’t hit it in the lake” the only thing your subconscious hears is, “hit it in the lake.” To avoid this problem, focus on the outcome you WANT instead of the one you don’t. Positive thoughts, tend to lead to positive results.

Resilient golfers are successful golfers. The word success, however, should not be confused or completely equated with shooting a low score. Resilient golfers possess a mindset for golf of certain assumptions or attitudes about themselves and the game. These ideas influence their behavior on and off the course as well as their mental and physical skills. In turn, these behaviors and skills influence this mindset, creating a dynamic process. A resilient golfer feels in control, deals well with stress, communicates effectively, and possesses solid problem solving and decision-making skills on the course. He or she establishes realistic goals, learns from both success and failure and plays the game responsibly. A resilient mindset does not free a golfer from stress, pressure or problems on the course, but rather helps him cope with problems as they arise, allowing him to enjoy and learn from all aspects of the game.

The word “mindset” also implies a certain mutability — they are not cast in stone. Once a golfer understands her beliefs and motivations, she can begin replacing counter-productive, self-defeating assumptions with a positive outlook.


Resilience requires PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE and, most importantly PRACTICE. On the professional level, the differences between scores are as much a reflection of the attitudes and beliefs each golfer brings to the game as a difference in actual ability. A resilient mindset brings enjoyment and consistency to every golfer’s game.

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