Lagshot Driver

Lag Shot Driver Review

By Coach Philly P

Having trouble consistently hitting your driver solid? This Lag Shot driver review explains why I think this is the tool to teach you how to start pounding drives down the fairway!!

I tested this Lagshot Driver for two weeks and now use it every time I hit the range..... Amazing results Quickly!!

 Summary: The Lag Shot driver helps me be a better driver. It forces you to take the club back slowly, in one piece, and on plane, which allows every player to find "their" unique swing tempo. It helps you feel the clubhead at the top of your backswing, then slowly build momentum on the correct plane and path in your downswing. I hit the most solid drives I've hit in years and no-longer swing over the top and across the ball with this SHIFT Blue shafted beauty!!

In this review of the Lag Shot driver, I discuss my experience with the club, unique features and benefits, as well as customer reviews.

Why Consider the Lag Shot Driver

Having issues with tempo, timing, solid contact, etc. with your driver? Your real driver won’t know what got into you, once you get good at hitting drives with your Lagshot training driver.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy whippy blue shaft
    Builds tempo, lag, and clubhead awareness intuitively to allow you to time your swing better, swing on your correct path, and make solid impact for long accurate drives.
  • High-Quality Mid Size Grip
    Built to be long-lasting and also to help you relax tension in your grip (a big tempo & speed killer)
  • Training Videos (One specifically for the Driver)
    Lag Shot clubs are intuitive but the training videos will speed up the improvement process

Testing the Lag Shot Driver

I’ve been swinging the Lag Shot driver for about a month at home to get the feel and on the range to see if it’s real. All I’m looking for is to swing with good sequence, rhythm, tempo, and timing. I found it best to swing the Lagshot Driver 10X then switch back to your regular driver.

And, I really try to stay in my posture until momentum takes me into my follow-through.

My Experience with the Lag Shot Driver

Onto using the driver. I made sure to warm up well and swing the Lag Shot 7-iron plenty before grabbing the driver.

I was careful to take the club back in one piece and keep the clubhead outside my hands as best I could in my backswing. I waited until I felt the clubhead load at the top my backswing and I tried to swing.

smooth, but fast into the back of the ball and into my followthrough. A major swing fault of mine is coming over the top on my downswing, so I focused on that too. It really works!! My first few drives weren’t pretty, but I made solid contact. A few flairs to the right. A few smother-hooks. A lot of low ones down the middle, more or less.

Every once in a while I’m able to hit a medium height draw. I call that a win. Eventually, most of my drives with the Lag Shot landed in an area I deemed would have been a fairway on the course.

I played a round the next day. It took me a few holes to get my groove. but then something just clicked and it felt effortless.

Who is the Lag Shot driver For?

Any golfer looking to improve their golf swing. Specifically with their driver. And especially if you have issues generating power and consistently and driving it in the fairway.

This Driver training aid will help you find your unique tempo, rhythm and timing to feel confident with your driver. I find the Lag Shot extremely beneficial.

Is the Lag Shot driver worth it?

The Lag Shot driver helps me drive better every time I use it because I’m forced to swing on a better swing plane and my club has to be on a better path or I’ll slice or straight block the ball two counties over.

Is the lag shot training aid any good?

Lag Shot training aids are high quality, highly durable training aids that do what they say they’ll do, in my experience.

What does Lag Shot help with?

Lag Shot swing trainers help with lag, timing, sequence, swing path, and swing plane. The most beneficial for me has been what it’s done for my timing, sequence, and swing path.


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